​​​Tony D'Aurio

Character Animator

About Me

     Hey there! I'm Tony D'Aurio (D-Oreo), and welcome to my website! My path to becoming a 3D animator has been very interesting. I entered the digital entertainment world studying Interactive Media at Becker College. I completed my degree there December 2015. I have experience with many facets of the animation process from storyboarding to gaming projects and from 2D illustrations to 3D models. The moment I started playing around with Autodesk Maya I knew I wanted to do something in the 3D world. I explored 3D animation and immediately fell in love with it. Watching something come to life, emerging from an idea is such a thrill. This was a direct connection and extension of my love of animation. I have always been fascinated by animation in everything growing up from animated TV shows to video games and especially movies.